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Financial Process Guide

First see Expense Policy.

Making an expense claim

If you are a member of a team or sub-committee it would be expected that you or your team lead have made a prior request to the council for an expense (see team-policy) or that the expense was approved by your treasurer. If it was approved then the general process for receiving reimbursement is to email a copy of the receipt and your bank details to your treasurer or the Linux Australia Treasurer.

If you are (or going to be) making regular expense claims (as a team member or sub-committee member) it is recommended you get an account set up in Xero to allow you to make claims. If this is the case email and they'll invite you into Xero.

Claims through Xero

For treasurers of sub-committees

As per the sub-committee policy, seed funding may be given as seen fit by the council on review of the budget. The council also reserves the right to control the amount of cash in your account. For example should you have a large sum of money from sales the council may see fit to move the money into an interest bearing account. Should you require money back into your account to make a payment you must email the council treasurer. The money in your account does not at all represent the amount at your disposal and should not affect your budget.

Linux Australia is here to assist you. Should have you any questions or need help with any payments or accounting items please don't hesitate to contact the council or the Treasurer.


The treasurer and one other member (typically the coordinator) of a sub-committee should have access to Westpac in order to make payments. The first thing that you will be required to do is get a Customer Access Number from Westpac. If you are an existing customer you will already have one, otherwise you will have to go into any Westpac branch and have one assigned. Once you have your access number, email the Linux Australia Treasurer your full name, email address and access number and they will add you into Westpac (and Xero).

Once you are added, you can then log in from the Business online portal login?? Once logged in you will then see your account and available funds. If you can't see the Linux Australia bank account and/or you are seeing your personal bank accounts, ensure that Linux Australia Incorporated is selected in the drop down in the top left of the banking page.

Making a payment

Payments below $5,000 you will be able to make yourself with two signatures. The Treasurer and Coordinator should both be able to sign a transaction but should you require somebody else when either member is unavailable, email the council as they have multiple signatories who can help.

To make a payment, click on the Banking tab or your account name. Then the menu down the left should show helpful options such as Pay Anybody or BPay. From these pages you can enter the deposit details as per normal. Once submitted the payment will go to the pending page (link down the left). It then requires the aforementioned two signatures. After it has been fully signed it is still required to be submitted before the actual funds are transferred. It is important that you remember to sign and submit your payment as simply adding it to the list or signing it will not get it paid.

For amounts above $5,000 you are still able to set up. It will then appear in the pending list where it will require a council member with a token to sign it. At this point email the council treasurer and they can sign and optionally submit the payment for you.


In Xero there are a bunch of Accounts that are controlled by the council Treasurer. When filling invoices and claims etc you should put it next to one of these Accounts. If the item does not fit in an appropriate Account, contact the council treasurer and they will set up a new Account or advise you appropriately. Each transaction is also tracked by an Area. This Area is specific to your sub-committee and should be applied to all your transactions (for example LCA201x). This allows us to do reporting based on sub-committees.


Note: You can change the branding on the invoice to suit your sub-committee by going to Settings->General Settings->Invoice branding. It is easiest just to duplicate the Linux Australia stationery and change appropriately. You are at least required to keep Linux Australia's name and ABN on the invoice.

Paying invoices

Paying expense claims


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