Linux Australia has a responsibility to minimise spending in order to maximise the benefit to the Australian FOSS community.

Expense Policy


Linux Australia council and sub-committee members dedicate a lot of time and effort to being involved with the organisation. Since face to face meetings are often on weekends, this does make a significant difference to the amount of time one can spend with their loved ones. Because of this burden, it is reasonable to expect council members not to be out of pocket for their already large contribution of time and effort.

Not spending large amounts of the communities money is good, but be comfortable. Go back to your loved ones rested, not irritated. Individuals are expected to exercise discretion in their choices.

This policy gives guideline on what expenses will be covered by Linux Australia for the following events:

Linux Australia F2F

The Linux Australia Face to Face (F2F) meeting under normal circumstances happens twice a year. Once soon after the election, and usually about halfway through the year. This is important as face to face time of the committee, which is usually geographically dispersed, helps get the council working well together as a team, and on the same page. The meeting is usually an all day meeting. This gives the council time to get on track and to ensure time is spent usefully during the election term for each person.


The Ghosts of a conference past is a meeting where the current team gets to invite select members from previous years and where useful LA council members (particularly the treasurer) discuss their planning, debrief on the previous year, and basically share information.

LCA Paper Review

Towards the end of the paper review process for it is traditional for some of the paper review committee to gather for a day to enable a final decision on papers to occur in a face to face session.

Zookeepr Hackfest

Zookeepr is the software that runs but hopes to be more generic. As such the hackfest weekend is part of Linux Australia's budget in the interest of including other groups using the software. The invitees are generally ghost zookeepr hackers and the new zookeepr keeper for the current LCA. It provides an opportunity to work through major restructuring, bug fixes and a chance to introduce and train the new keeper to the code.

What is covered

Linux Australia will cover the following:

Guidelines for spending money

Guidelines for attending events/conferences

Historically it has been that if LA council members were not already going, LA would cover if requested. This has been on two grounds: 1) having council members at a General Meeting of the organisation is a good idea and 2) as the main event of the organisation, it is good to have board members visible and approachable by the membership.

The LCA team organising the conference generally get to go for free (for given values of "get to go" - typically very limited) in return for getting to spend a year planning the conference and making it happen. Helpers / flying monkeys / evil networking bunnies are at the discretion of the LCA organising team but typically get a free ticket (exact processing details are up to the team).

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